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HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v3.2.8 Beta (x86/x64)
18.04.2010, 02:54

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v3.2.8 Beta (x86/x64) | 6 mb

Photomatix Pro - an independent standalone program (stand-alone) and Tone Mapping method is also available as a plug-in Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4. Photomatix can automatically create an HDR image (High Dynamic Range - an image created by repeated exposure to high dynamic range), using EXIF-information recorded camera. Supported formats include TIFF, RGBE (. Hdr), OpenEXR (. Exr) and Floating Point, the source can be a file HDR, JPEG, TIFF 24 and 48 bit. It can convert RAW files from cameras Canon, Nikon and Fuji formats HDR. With the tools Photomatix can eliminate shaded and very bright image areas, preserving details, eliminate noise, enhance detail, adjust color temperature, color saturation and other parameters. Photomatix Pro includes tools for batch processing images. After a few shots with the same point, preferably with a tripod, but with different exposures, you can combine these images in such a picture with a high dynamic range (HDR) and get the opportunity to control light and dark image, and thus get the perfect photo. Create HDR-image can be using the program. Photomatix Pro will select the best settings and reduce the amount of noise, if you do not like the result, you can manually adjust the settings you need. Using Photomatix Pro is convenient to create HDR-panoramas and achieve high quality. Changes in HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v3.2.8: - Support of RAW files from recent camera models such as the NIKON D3S, Pentax Kx, Sony A5 and Canon 500D/T2i, S90 and 1D Mark IV. - Changed the way raw conversion is performed so that it should be less prone to memory fragmentation. - Bug fixed: When browsing image files with the 64-bit version, thumbnails were not displaying. - Bug fixed: Batch of single files could transfer incorrect image orientation. Official site: www.hdrsoft.com Platform: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7 Language: English

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